Tales about Love and Travel


(Arabic Edition)

In this book, I narrate many tales about love and travel. All the travel tales are true ones, while the love stories; some are true, some are imagination, and some are a mix of both. The mixed tales are stories that I knew parts of them or lived only some scenes of them with the real story heroes. My imagination completed the missing parts.

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Mn Europa El Balad (Amazon Best Seller book)


(Arabic Edition)

Co-Author with Ahmed Abdelhamid, Dina Said, and Rowaa Mostafa

These are notes written by Egyptian travelers; travelers who have not reached their destinations yet! These travelers believe that life is not measured by the number of years you live, but by the depth and value of the feelings and experiences that people go through. These travelers trotted through Germany, Canada, Belgium, America, Somalia, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and many other countries. Their time to return home has not come yet. Their flights are always departing, and none have made it to their final destination. When and if a final destination is reached, these travelers will arrive as completely different individuals. Their vision, dreams, and maybe even core values will have significantly changed. They will wish that they knew all what they know now, They will wish that they could change so many things about Egypt, After coming to these realizations, they realize, they cannot wait until they return home. Changes must begin now, with the power of their pens. As they continue on their journey, they began to jot down their thoughts, experiences, and tales. They decided to look back to that long road they have walked, to study their own footprints and record how they have changed and how their path has changed. They wanted to document their experiences so others can read them and realize change can be made. Until they return, this group of travelers is unable to change things with their own hands but believe they can change things with their pens. Here are tales of four travelers from the Mn Europa El Balad group who are on the road; in constant travel among cities and ideas. They discovered that along the way, they have made homes out of their backpacks.

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Tales from Dreams


(Arabic Edition)

The Publisher (Dar Dawen) said about the book: "You will like this book a lot as it is written in your language, tells about your dreams, tells you events never seen before, the author takes us to a world of tales of aspirations and dreams, here in Egypt and abroad, sometimes tells a comic situation and sometimes talks about a memory from her childhood or advice to her daughter and other times takes us to the world of the United States telling us how she is living her life now . Overall, you will be reading this book from the start to the end and you are completely enjoying it. "

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The Girl and the Butterfly


(Arabic and English Editions)

Illustrations: Areej Omar

My daughter and I are writing and illustrating together children's books. This is our first trial. Currently, we are working on more to be published soon. Stay tuned! 

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